SystemOne™ is a complete flooring installation solution backed by the most comprehensive full replacement warranty in the industry. ARDEX Americas, the leading manufacturer of high-performance substrate preparation products and The W.W. Henry Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium flooring adhesives combine to offer the SystemOne™ Total Solution providing the ultimate peace of mind for architects, specifiers, facility managers, building owners, contractors and flooring installation professionals

In construction, if you don’t produce, you’re not an asset to anyone—not the general contractor, the project manager, or the end-user. UBC members know this, our contractors know this, and our union’s leadership knows it. That’s why our foundation - the reason we get up every day and go to the jobsite - is to deliver skilled, productive work. And training makes that happen.

ARDEX Choice Contractors™ are ARDEX factory trained professionals with extensive experience who specialize in the application of ARDEX Americas and W.W. HENRY high-performance products and installation systems. They are committed to maintaining the same level of excellence, quality and service associated with ARDEX Americas. Choice Contractors are backed by industry best, comprehensive, even extended warranties. Choice Contractors receive priority technical support and training from ARDEX.


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The ARDEX Preferred Partner Program strengthens relationships between ARDEX and its distributors and installers whose vision, mission and standards of quality match the integrity of the ARDEX brand.ARDEX Preferred Partners adhere to the same business vision and mission as ARDEX Americas, which recognizes the value of delivering best-in-class products, providing outstanding customer service and conducting business with solid, strategic and ethical business principles. ARDEX Preferred Partners provide insight on new product development and provide feedback on various business strategies.

BCN is Signatory to UBC for Resilient Flooring

Diamatic machines have an excellent reputation and history for quality. Engineered and developed for improved efficiency, high productivity and achieving consistent results, our systems can be used with many tooling options for various applications in a wide range of markets. They operate virtually dust free when connected to the proper Diamatic dust collector providing healthier and safer work areas with less impact on the natural environment.

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